Network Science

In an ever-changing marketplace, business environments across the spectrum are becoming more challenging and competitive. An organizations success is more and more dependent on their abilities to manage information, provide reliable and fast services and maintain full control over all aspects of the business. To do so, different industries have resorted to business automation and reliable communication systems that facilitate their information sharing and collaboration across different roles.

Voice & Video communications, ERP systems, ECM systems, email, BPM systems, PM systems and so forth have become a necessity to success. Business communication systems and networks infrastructure are the vein on which all these business services run. Simply put, failure of the communication systems means failure of these services.

As business services have advanced and become demanding of significant infrastructure to function properly, communication systems have also advanced and become complicated in order to deliver the required functionality and performance. This advancement however has created great operational overhead. IT departments are facing delay challenges and operational roadblocks.

At Network Science, we support your business needs by providing trouble-free:
· Ease of management and complete visualization
· Proactive approach to trouble free operation
· Sustainable performance and reliable service

At NETS, we consider ourselves your communication systems technology partner. Our great portfolio of products and services will enable your business to build optimized communication systems from concept to operation which both meet your business needs and objectives. Our best practices approach to technical project management insures a trouble free delivery and customer satisfaction.


Alhassan M. Justanieah General Manager


Modern communication systems are complex and require great care to deliver projects on time with outstanding quality and within the allocated budget. Things can go wrong very easily in large scale and complex implementations. Our management fully recognized the need to implement a leading approach to managing our projects as to minimize risk to our customers and ensuring performance to their satisfaction.
Classical project management approaches do not cater to the technical processes which are needed to ensure success and proper delivery of technical projects in today is IT market.

At NETS, we adopted a best standards & practices approach of systems engineering to managing our projects throughout their lifecycles.. Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) is the preeminent engineering process existing today and is currently utilized by NASA to ensure that nothing is ever overlooked. This culture of systems engineering and systems integration offers a unique and comprehensive approach to managing technical projects. NETS methodological approach in utilizing SEMP delivers to our customers the best value from concept to implementation.

Figure 1 SE Context in Project Management

Systems engineering practices offer our customers an array of benefits including:

   · End product and system purpose
   · Stakeholder needs and expectations
   · Full system life cycle (Conception through Retirement)
Unique Approach
   · Integrates disciplines and technologies
   · Balances conflicting considerations
Methods, Tools and Models for
   · System analysis and simulation
   · Assessment of performance and risk
   · Organization and management of information and requirements
   · Verification and validation

Figure 2 The Systems Engineering Engine


NETS prides itself on being the region is leading communication systems integrator. The products and services offered by NETS include solutions for data centers and all classes of communications networks. The company carries a portfolio of products and services that facilitate:
   · Vertical Communication Systems Integration
   · Star Communication Systems Integration
   · Horizontal Integration or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
   · Communication Systems Optimization
NETS' offered solutions include a range of hardware technologies (devices), software-based analytical & management systems and end-to-end services. The tools and expertise offered are used to analyze and improve all aspects of technology within a specific business framework; allowing companies to achieve an optimized business network infrastructure.

- Audiovisual (A/V) Systems
From the boardroom to the home theater, NETS offers best-in-class Digital Audio/Video switching, processing and distribution.
From local collaboration, to video conferencing and remote group collaboration NETS has the solutions for today's requirements

- Data networks systems
From design and implementation, to monitoring and management, our network engineers can prepare your separate voice and data networks for a seamless transition to one reliable, robust and flexible multiservice network! Our data networking services include:
Voice / Video / Data Networks
· Voice, Video & Data Convergence
· IP Telephony systems
· Local & Wide Area Networks (LAN & WAN)
· Quality of Service (QoS)
· Network Security
· Firewalls & Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
· Network Infrastructure & Management
· Wireless LAN (WLAN)
· LAN Edge Access Connectivity
· Remote Branch with SIP Enablement
· Server & Network Load Balancing
· Active Directory Design & Migration

- Public Address System
High-quality public address and voice evacuation systems are essential for dealing with security and safety challenges
To be truly effective, a public address and emergency sound system must deliver exceptional performance and reliability. NETS provides systems and components for transportation terminals, public buildings, office buildings, schools and shopping malls.

- Security Systems, and integration
Investing in high quality CCTV and access control security systems provides reassurance for employees and customers, and is a cost-effective way of reducing and detecting crimes.
NETS has the expertise to design, install and maintain all of your security solutions.

- Fire Alarm Detection System
NETS offers complete range of advanced approved conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, detectors, signaling devices, accessories and service tools for any new or retrofit application.

- Building Automation & Building management system
NETS simplifies design, installation, and startup of building control with the right products and systems designed to work for the individual needs of each space in a building and integrate easily together for enterprise-wide monitoring, management and control. Our process dramatically reduces the time required to complete each phase of a control project while greatly improving efficiency and scalability.


Our partnerships with the enterprise security solutions vendor /provider give us a wide range of solutions that Nets can provided to their clients.
Vendors and solutions as below:
A- Datacenter & Cloud , Data Governance , Risk Analytics , Threat Protection ,Incident Response and secure Mobility
· Datacenter & Cloud ( Ixia - Riverbed - Infoblox - Nutanix )
· Data Governance ( Dell Security , IBM Security , TITUS ,Venafi )
· Risk Analytics ( Blue Coat , ARBOR , Tripwire, Veracode ,Core security )
· Threat Protection ( TrendMicro , Gemalto , Paloalto , Forcepoint , ForeScout)
· Incident Response ( FireEye , Attivo Network , DarkTrace, Link Shadow )
· Secure Mobility ( Mobile Iron , Accellion,Kingston,AirPatrol Sysorex,Ipswitch )

B- CA Security Solutions:
· Advanced Authentication
· API Security
· Identity Management
· Payment Security
· Privileged Access Management (formerly Xceedium)
· Single Sign-On

3- CA Monitoring Solutions ( Network , Applications )
· API Management
· Application Performance
· Enterprise Performance Management
· Infrastructure Management
· Service Management
· Workload Automation

4- Storage Solutions
· Pure Storage
The power to transform your business today and pave the road to the future.
Pure Storage gives you the speed and agility you need to tackle the most demanding business and IT problems
· Huawei Storage
Providing converged functionality that maximizes performance and capacity utilization, Huawei storage products meet a wide range of needs: Entry-level, mid-range, and high-end enterprise applications; Big Data; vertical industry applications; and cloud storage applications.

5- Enterprise Document Management Solutions
CaelumOne is an ultra-secure cloud based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management (DM) solution unlike any other.." CaelumOne allows users to access documents through the internet using any standard web browser (I.E.©,Mozilla Firefox©, Google Chrome©, Opera©, Safari©). CaelumOne is offered as both a secure hosted service on a Software as a Service basis or on an Enterprise basis which can be hosted at our datacenter in a Private Cloud or on premise. Either way on this desktop this is a solution that requires no client side software installation. Your documents are accessible at any time, from anywhere around the globe on any device. Using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC running any Operating System registered users can access CaelumOne.

Consultancy Services
Solutions for your company is needs begin here. Our team of experts can provide professional advice regarding your communication systems needs. Network Sciences (NETS) can provide you with information, options and solutions designed and engineered for your individual needs. NETS can show your company how to incorporate your communications as a valuable tool that will help you to control company efficiency, potential profit and company growth. NETS can support your company to acquire the right technology for your needs, RFP creation, SLA construction ...etc.

Communication Systems Integration
From concept to implementation, our professional team can help your company to achieve its goals. We can deliver total communications systems by carrying design and build the perfect system that meets all your communications needs for today and tomorrow.

Managed Services
We offer our clients a range of managed services tailored to their specific needs. Maintenance, operation, optimization of existing infrastructure can be performed by our professional experts. The portfolio of costumed services can help your company to reduce operational overhead while maintaining required functionality and performance.

Communication Network & Management
Network Science is solutions provide management with a broad, but integrated view of their technologies and infrastructure in operation. IT is core to most business operations and therefore business leaders need a fast and integrated view of their "information engine". NETS' solutions provide this dashboard view making the management function far more seamless and a less demanding exercise. NETS not only distributes innovative products, but also provides ongoing training, education, advice and support for the lifecycle of the products that are used within the end-user environment. Network Science is a distributor for the NetQoS solution suite, Netcordia is NetMRI, Network Instruments and ScienceLogic is EM7 "NOC in a BOX" along with a number of other products from specialist publishers. The NETS product range is deep and specific, with a team of technical experts to provide our customers with any necessary technical support that may be required. Our team members are specialized in their platforms have extensive experience in the technical arena.
Network Science selects its products catalogue based on vertical functionality, product quality, technical superiority and market demand. Backed by NETS' strong relationships with vendors and publishers, the company is able to offer customers superior technical support through highly qualified personnel, technical training and professional grade services.

Why Our Company

Network Science (NETS) understands Business Network Optimization (BNO). This know-how requires a holistic view of the technologies underpinning your business; how they integrate and where value is derived. It also requires knowledge of how, together, they can be optimized to deliver efficient communication systems. The NETS product and services model is driven by market needs for the tools and technologies in this field. NETS's products and services enable business leaders to optimize their business technology infrastructure for on-going optimized application performance; a key component in all businesses today.

Network Science's holistic approach to communication systems integration and optimization ensures that your customers are able to gain the necessary return on their information and communications technology investment. Business goals must be met and a NETS solution helps you analyze all aspects of the technologies that underpin the business application. The end goal is to identify the efficiencies and potential business outcomes. NETS's core solution and services allow companies to:

  · Define communication systems requirements, goals and objectives
  · Design and deploy required infrastructure and services
  · Assess ICT effectiveness and efficiency of existing infrastructure from a business perspective
  · Mitigate the risks from planned changes and unexpected events
  · Analyze application data flow across your infrastructure
  · Accurately identify resolution groups (Network, Server, WAN) by isolating and resolving problems faster
  · Optimize the network infrastructure for application performance
  · Make more informed infrastructure investments
  · Manage and enforce third-party Service Level Agreements
  · Successfully manage the convergence of voice, video, and data
  · Undertake data centre structuring and virtualization
  · Improve collaboration between network, server and application teams

Fundamentally, NETS's suite of solutions is designed to help you optimize strategic applications across the business infrastructure. NETS's skills and expertise is at the heart of the solution. Our technical teams assist in architecting solutions, testing solutions, undertaking scenario modeling, deploying proofs of concept and most importantly deploying solutions within your customers' environments, ensuring the solution delivers against the business case. We make it simple and affordable for our customers to build and manage business communication systems.